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Meet The Team

Nick MyoHub


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Nick has provided Personal Training Remedial massage and Myotheapy services  to the Sunshine Coast area for more than 9 years and is a registered professional under MMA and Fitness Australia .

During that time he has helped a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals looking for relaxation to those working to

overcome acute or chronic injuries. He also specialises in working with athletes ranging from weekend worries to elite athletes.

Nick takes an integrated approach to his clients’ treatments incorporating a variety of different modalities individually tailored to each clients’ needs.

Nick’s previous experience as a PT/Myo and working alongside other allied health professionals, allowed him to see firsthand the enhanced benefits of soft tissue therapies applied to not only himself but clients that he worked with in restoring balance and

enhancing peoples’ rehabilitation from injury. This interest in soft tissue therapies led Nick to further his studies and self development. working on developing in the field of muscle skeletal therapy.

Bec MyoHub


Rebecca joined MyoHub in 2022. Rebecca has previous experience as a competitive athlete in athletics and more recently powerlifting. Currently  Rebecca will be providing Relaxation massage treatments on Saturdays. with future aspirations of finishing her Diploma of Remedial massage in 2023


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